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Spark Mini Projector SD-100 Sale -31%

    📽️ Great Gift for Loved Ones: With an image size range of 32-120 inches and a projection distance of 1m-3.5m, this projector is perfect for home entertainment and office use. Its charming yellow design and high performance make it...

    Dhs. 166.00Dhs. 241.00
    Air-One Earphone Sale -30%

      • Introducing the Air-One Light Luxury Earphone – your perfect companion for an active and immersive audio experience! These innovative wireless Bluetooth headphones feature a unique earhook design for a secure fit during intense workouts and running sessions. What sets...

        Dhs. 82.00Dhs. 117.00
      Wireless Charging Speaker Sale -30%

        • No pairing! A smartphone connection speaker that can be used with a "just put it on"
        • Enjoy video and phone calls while charging. Just place them on...

          Dhs. 148.00Dhs. 212.00
        Portable Mini Pocket Printer BT Thermal Printer Sale -31%
        Sale -30%

          Model Name: RW39
          Special Features: Wireless Charging
          Shape: Round
          Target Audience: Men, Boys
          Age Range (Description): Adult
          Compatible Devices: Smartphone

          About this item:

          • RW39 Smart Watch: Compatible with Android and iOS devices, ensuring wide usability.
          • Full Screen AMOLED Display: Produces richer colors, higher brightness levels, and...

            Dhs. 168.00Dhs. 240.00
          Haino Teko RW 41 Smart Watch Soldout

            Model: RW-41
            Dial Shape: Round
            Strap Material: Stainless Steel
            Touch Screen: Yes
            Dial Material: Aluminum Alloy

            What's in the Box:

            • Haino Teko RW-41 Smartwatch
            • Wireless Charger
            • 3x Straps (Silicone, Leather, Stainless Steel)

            This Haino Teko RW-41 Smartwatch offers a versatile and stylish accessory with its round...

            Dhs. 171.00Dhs. 245.00
            Haino Teko GP-17 Sale -30%

              The Box having Smart Watch, Airpords, Glasses, Torch.

              Dhs. 180.00Dhs. 258.00
              Smart Handheld Gimbal Sale -30%

                Here's a concise description of the product with emojis:

                📸3-in-1 Selfie Stick & Phone Tripod & Phone Gimbal
                ✨ Durable, scratch-resistant aluminum alloy design
                🔄 Switch between selfie stick, tripod, and gimbal
                🎥 Smooth 3-axis stabilization for cinematic shots
                📏 Compact...

                Dhs. 214.50Dhs. 308.00
                2 In 1 HI-FI Wireless Earphones Men Smart Watch Sale -30%

                  Main Functions:

                  1. Phone Function: No call support (Bluetooth headset via watch).
                  2. Music Function: No support (Bluetooth headset via watch).
                  3. Charging Box Function: Main body can charge the earphones for 3 cycles.
                  4. Music Time: Earphone lasts for 3 hours.
                  5. ...

                    Dhs. 223.50Dhs. 320.00
                  Haino Teko RW-40 Smart Watch Sale -30%

                    ⌚💧 Essential Details for Your Connected Lifestyle 💧⌚

                    Explore the fundamental features that make the D3pro Smartwatch a versatile and reliable companion for your daily activities.

                    📋 Technical Details:

                    • SIM Support: N/A
                    • Dimensions: N/A
                    • Strap Material: Silicon
                    • Water Resistant: IP67
                    • Weight: N/A
                    • ...

                      Dhs. 159.00Dhs. 228.00
                    Rado Round Couple Watch Sale -30%

                      Our Latest Collection of Couple Watches

                      Discover our exquisite collection of couple watches, meticulously designed to symbolize the timeless bond between you and your loved one. Crafted with precision and sophistication, these watches are more than just timepieces – they...

                      Dhs. 184.50Dhs. 265.00
                      Haino Teko RW-23 Smart Watch Sale -30%

                        ⚡💫 Haino Teko Germany Smartwatch - Elevate Your Lifestyle! 💫⚡

                        Unleash the power of innovation with the Haino Teko Germany Smartwatch – where style meets cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled experience! 🚀🌟

                        🔍 Key Features:

                        👀 LED Display Excellence:

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